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Services We Offer


Psychic Readings

We offer two English psychic mediums, Dave and Trish. Find clarity and peace of mind with a proper reading.

House Blessings / Clearings

Have your home blessed or cleared. Offices, workspaces and cars too.

Energy Alignments

Feeling out of sorts?  Feeling something’s amiss?  An energy alignment may be just what you need.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual energy healing offered through Trish or Dave. Helps reduce stress and tension carried within the energy body.

Foot Detoxes

We offer foot bath detoxes to remove toxins from the body. Come and experience the effects for yourself.


Custom talismans created by Dave. Infused with specific energies and materials for specific effects.

Astrology Readings

Experience a deep and insightful reading with a professional astrologer. Learn why you are the way you are and what the coming influences are.