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“Community Center729” “welcome”

“A spiritual home for everyone – regardless of religious affinity”

Non Denominational Centerย 

Finding Your center.

729 offers:- Energy Healing,

Psychic Readings,

Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Meditation,ย Astrology and so much more…..

729 offers rooms to rent for your workshop or to hold a private party

Fair Trade shop, Not to be missed . Open daily

Offering beautiful gifts from around the World

also a wide range of Incense. Crystals, Batiks, Singing Bowls and so much more.

Psychic Readings

We offer two English mediums, touching in with Spirit and Loved ones. Uncomplicate your life with knowledge of the past present and future.

Book an appointment, call 407 463 2248 or 407 810 7337

(walk ins may be accommodated) a reading is approximately 1hour

Energy Healing and Clearing

Energy Healing and clearing helps reduce tension and stress carried within the energy of the chakra body.

Freeing the mind allows the body to heal, in turn increases the zest for life.

Energy Healing without Medication


Hear What Others Are Saying

And Come Experience For Yourself

As soon as I walked into Community Center, I felt comfortable and at home. I received a reading from Trish who is incredibly kind and warm hearted. She was honest and thoughtful with the information she gave me and was extremely specific to situations occurring in my life. Trish is the real deal.
My reading lasted for over an hour and I paid her $60, plus a tip (pretty standard pricing). Before leaving, she invited me to come back again to simply sit in the garden to have lunch or meditate. Such a beautiful place and beautiful people! I highly suggest a visit!

I am amazed at the beautiful meditation by Dave & Josh. I totally surrender myself to the music and the energy in the room. I never want the "happy place" feeling to end. It's a great place to relax, interact, learn and shop.

Dave, thanks for inviting me to the meditation this afternoon. It was amazing. I look forward to coming again when I return from Arizona.

I love this space. It took me a little while to notice it, even though I drove past it so many times! I go here for the Sunday night meditations with Beautiful Chorus. I LOVE it. They are always inviting, and there is a cute little shop with things from around the world.

I want to tell you about a great place with great people and most of all I want to tell you about Dave who co-owns this place. I came and wanted to see if this was the place to sell my book from, I have just written the book I AM: The Souls Journey to Source Within. I got to talk to Dave and on a very high spiritual level. We connected and when I told him I had been traveling all the way from Texas he wanted to know if I had a tire fix-it kit and before we knew it he wanted to check my cars tires. Oh my goodness was I lucky he did that because there was almost no thread left on my rear tires. They were finished and I was several thousand miles from home. He went into 'get a good deal and get the right tires' mode and 'get it fixed as soon as possible' mode and he got my car into the Discount Tires center on John Young Parkway. He made sure they stayed open till we came. We arrived about 15 minutes before closing on a Saturday. They fixed my car and were very professional even though it was past closing time. All I could do the next day was be very very grateful that Dave had listened to his intuition and acted on it. I know that he saved me from an accident. So I would recommend the place just because of the great people :0 Thank you for your wonderful work ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have some books there as well. It is the right place ๐Ÿ™‚

Community Center is awesome! Trish has been an instrumental part of my life and helped me through some of my greatest challenges - which ended up being my greatest blessings. She gives me unbiased advice and always helps me see the person or situation from a different perspective (which helps me detach from the emotional drama and view it neutrally) and allows me the see the whole picture. The readings I've received from both Trish and Dave have been amazing and have helped me on this journey. I highly recommend the Community Center for anyone on a spiritual quest that is looking to expand and grow ๐Ÿ™‚ Grow and expand!

1st visit here was for the Crystal Bowl Meditation and it was wonderful and moving. David and Josh make a wonderful team presenting this beautiful event. Since then I have attended many activities and am lucky enough to make Unity 729 part of my weekly lifestyle. This is a gem in the Mills 50 district, I hope you have a chance to experience it soon.

I visited Community Center 729 for the first time yesterday and had a psychic reading from David. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. His ability is beyond amazing and it was certainly impressive how much he knew about me and the clarity and guidance he provided me with. I left feeling refreshed, lighter and excited for this next chapter in my life. I am so happy that I went. It is a beautiful place, the people are great and I will be coming back.

So, apparently this business has existed for 3 years...and I am just noticing it today, even though it is right across the street from Spiral Circle.

I was told that people find this place when they are ready for it. So apparently I was ready for it today.

This is really a space for knowledge which also houses a fair trade shop. Jewelry, unique batik clothing, shoes, bags, meditation paraphernalia along with so many articles hand made from around the world. . .

Indonesia, Africa, and Belize are the locations I can remember straight away.

I honestly wanted to cry while being surrounded by all of the merchandise--there is a vibe here. It's hard to explain, it's like the spirit of the people who made the items are present.

Having something made by hand with care is so much more personal, comforting, and meaningful than having something you might buy from a retail store.

I was actually shown pictures of the Muslim women in Indonesia working on some of the artwork for sale in the shop. Truly amazing, and on a different level.

I was given a lot of attention and explanation of the unique items offered for sale.

But wait--there are classes, meditation, stone readings, psychic readings, tarot readings and educational gatherings that meet here.

I'm still overwhelmed right now about what happens in this space...perhaps when you're ready, you'll arrive at the community center as well...

I continue to be really encouraged and learned so much from this business. I feel that this is a place that a person can come and find a second home.

This is a really comfortable place to get to know yourself the others around you and to learn a lot of the mysteries of life and also to discover your own spirituality.

I've been here many times for the Wednesday night crystal bowl meditation and it is amazing! Such great relaxation with wonderful vibrations from the crystal bowls played by Josh and led by Dave! The only way I can describe this feels like your brain is getting massaged into relaxation by the sound and vibration of the crystal bowls as they are being played. When I say "playing the bowls" I mean a very strong sound is made with the bowls and you can feel the sound vibrations on your body. It gives a very calming feeling, like listening to a white noise machine, but more therapeutic.

If you have never been come try it out with an open mind and an open heart to see if it's a positive experience for you. Arrive a little early if you can since it can get crowded. Wear comfortable clothing since you don't want to be distracted by any discomfort. This meditation is done on the floor, so you can sit (or lay down if there is room). Pillows are provided on a first come first serve basis.

The crystal bowl meditation is currently on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night. There is also full moon crystal bowl meditation scheduled on full moon evenings, these are usually outside, so bring a beach towel or sheet. This is a really unique and refreshing experience!

The energy of the center is genuinely magical, from the garden where you are greeted to a big red door, throughout the healing spaces to the shop and backyard garden. A gem in the middle of busy downtown Orlando. I use to just sit in the garden and listen to an arrangement of sounds. It all started with one meditation class with Trish, a magical being with a light that shines very bright. I met some of the most beautiful souls here who would call this place coming home.

A warm and inviting space full of compassionate and open-minded people. Such a rarity to find.

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