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“Community Center729” “welcome”

“A spiritual home for everyone – regardless of religious affinity”

Non Denominational Center 

Finding Your center.

729 offers:- Energy Healing,

Psychic Readings,

Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Meditation, Astrology and so much more…..

729 offers rooms to rent for your workshop or to hold a private party

Fair Trade shop, Not to be missed . Open daily

Offering beautiful gifts from around the World

also a wide range of Incense. Crystals, Batiks, Singing Bowls and so much more.

Psychic Readings

We offer two English mediums, touching in with Spirit and Loved ones. Uncomplicate your life with knowledge of the past present and future.

Book an appointment, call 407 463 2248 or 407 810 7337

(walk ins may be accommodated) a reading is approximately 1hour

Energy Healing and Clearing

Energy Healing and clearing helps reduce tension and stress carried within the energy of the chakra body.

Freeing the mind allows the body to heal, in turn increases the zest for life.

Energy Healing without Medication


Hear What Others Are Saying

And Come Experience For Yourself

It's a feeling, a beautiful place to be and recharge.

I ended up here accidentally (or was it fate?) and had a reading with David. He was able to offer me so much clarity. He had me coming to some realizations that I knew deep down but he was able to pull, without me saying anything. I am so glad I was able to stop in here. My experience with David offered me a do-able perspective of how I can take baby steps towards making positive changes. I will be returning for another reading and will be trying a yoga class offered here soon! Thank you David!

I had a reading done by David, and it was a wonderful and gratifying experience. Love the decoration, variety of items they sell, and the calmness you feel when you walk thru the door! Will definitely come back to try the crystal bowl meditation!

A warm and inviting space full of compassionate and open-minded people. Such a rarity to find.

Love this place! Great people, good energy. It's a nice reprieve from our hectic-paced lives. The classes are varied, from yoga to meditation. I particularly love the Wednesday evening crystal bowl meditations. Enjoy!

Trish, Trish, Trish! I have been attending classes and getting healings and readings from Trish for several years. Everyone needs Trish in their life. I have been to many healers and Trish is absolutely the best of the best (and she is very affordable). Trish moves the stagnant energy and helps your body to move forward toward your best life. I can actually feel the heat on my face as she moves the energy. I recommend a healing with Trish at least 3-4 times a year. Also, get a full reading from her at least twice a year if possible. She assesses the situations in your life with precision, accuracy and she always gives me a better way to view the situation. Her advice is very trusted. I also love the crystal bowl meditations, yoga, etc. Dave, her son, also gives readings and he provides a different perspective so his readings are helpful as well. However, Trish is my go-to for everything! Even if you don't live in Orlando, book her on the phone because I am going to have sessions with her no matter where I live. 🙂

I've been here many times for the Wednesday night crystal bowl meditation and it is amazing! Such great relaxation with wonderful vibrations from the crystal bowls played by Josh and led by Dave! The only way I can describe this feels like your brain is getting massaged into relaxation by the sound and vibration of the crystal bowls as they are being played. When I say "playing the bowls" I mean a very strong sound is made with the bowls and you can feel the sound vibrations on your body. It gives a very calming feeling, like listening to a white noise machine, but more therapeutic.

If you have never been come try it out with an open mind and an open heart to see if it's a positive experience for you. Arrive a little early if you can since it can get crowded. Wear comfortable clothing since you don't want to be distracted by any discomfort. This meditation is done on the floor, so you can sit (or lay down if there is room). Pillows are provided on a first come first serve basis.

The crystal bowl meditation is currently on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night. There is also full moon crystal bowl meditation scheduled on full moon evenings, these are usually outside, so bring a beach towel or sheet. This is a really unique and refreshing experience!

This community center is the heart that pumps love and peace throughout Downtown Orlando. It is a cozy safe haven for conscious living. Community Center 729 provides a place where one can practice personal growth, love for self and others, and acceptance of self and others. They provide various courses and classes that uplift and encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be. From the blissful crystal bowls to yoga, to guided meditations and healing, I always leave a better person than which I came.
My favorite programs to attend are the amazing crystal bowl meditations and the guided meditations. They are so beautifully instructed by some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Check it out!

A very welcoming place that hosts a variety of spiritual and well-being promoting practices.

Visited here on Wednesday for Crystal Bowl meditation. It was very relaxing and I felt very welcome here. A friend of mine felt pain from the intensity of the vibrations and sound so if you're sensitive to that sort of stimuli you may want to visit for a different meditation class. I would recommend giving this a try otherwise. Also, they have a very cute dog. 🙂

Beautiful place. They have the best meditations, I miss going!

Amazing! I love the meditation and different classes they offer. Their studio is very pretty and peaceful. The owners are great people. Just recently received a reading from David. I can't recommend him enough. I referred him to all my friends and family. He is also a healer, don't be surprised if you get some healing while getting your reading. Thank you!

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