Services We Offer

Psychic Readings

Through our two psychic mediums, Trish or Dave, you will find clarity and peace of mind with a proper reading. They are lifelong intuitives. Both gifted with heightened perceptive abilities, enabling them to bring forth profound messages that will guide you toward your highest good. This divine guidance will help bring clarity and awareness moving you into a deeper understanding of your mission and purpose.


House Blessings / Clearings

Humans have a natural connection to the spiritual. Have you ever felt that something about a room or place felt “off” that you couldn’t put your finger on? Places, like everything in this universe, have an energy that must be balanced and curated. House Blessings are highly recommended for moving into a new home, after a divorce, death or break up or any life or situation changing moments. And sometimes you just need to get the “stale” out and start off on a clean slate by removing old, heavy or dense energies out of the space.

Bring harmony, love and light into your home, business or any other space in your life.


Energy Alignments

Our bodies and spirit are constantly putting out energy and interacting with it every second of the day. Some days it can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world; there are times when we can experience continued fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger or hopelessness. If these emotions remain for a prolonged period, often physical illness can follow. Physical illness can be a signpost, alerting us to emotions that have not been addressed or even acknowledged. Our energy body is made up of layers that can store memory, from traumatic events, shocks and even ancestral history. It can be very difficult to access these layers of affectation through talk therapy or occidental medicine alone. These therapies can often alleviate symptoms but may have difficult accessing the root of the problem. Energy medicine is recommended as an adjunct and support to traditional therapies. It is a complimentary approach that adds to the practice of medicine. When both systems are used in an integrative manner, healing takes place more completely and quickly.


Spiritual Healing

The mind and the spirit’s connect is a powerful thing that remains untapped and forgotten in our modern lives. We are constantly overloaded with stressors in every aspect of our lives. Through Trish or Dave, we will explore and unlock your mind and spirit’s natural tools to helps reduce stress and tension carried within the energy body. Energy Healing and clearing helps reduce tension and stress carried within the energy of the chakra body.
Freeing the mind allows the body to heal, in turn increases the zest for life.


Foot Detoxes

We offer foot bath detoxes to remove toxins from the body that have accumulated from day to day stressors to things you have been exposed to. Come and experience the effects for yourself. Foot detoxes can help with a myriad of ailments such as high blood pressure, depression, and insomnia. Beyond drawing out these toxins you are left with a relaxing experience that helps bring your energies back into balance.



Have a talisman handcrafted and infused with specific energies and materials – custom made just for you. Dave incorporates a person’s needs and current spiritual state to provide a talisman that can help guide you through life and keep your energies channeled in a positive direction. They will keep you in tune with the spiritual so that you can channel the energies you need to keep your life in balance.


Working with our homeless people

Since the year 2000 we have worked along side our homeless people, many things are taken for granted. Sleeping out on a wet night, a simple clean dry shirt or shorts can lift a persons spirit. A very small list of requirements can prevent a person from being offered and accepting a job. Resumes, Steel Toed Shoes, Bus Tickets, Baring in mind, that job may not pay a wage for 2 to 4 weeks. very very hard when you have nothing.                                     There are many hurdles, yet a little suport, and determination can and does achieve wonderful results. 729 continues to work with groups AA, Womens Abuse and emotionally hurt.

Space for your Activity

Planned events in our facility in downtown Orlando for classes, workshops, meetings, special occasions, and a private outdoor area for the same.

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